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Helping Grieving Heart Heal

Our Helping Grieving Hearts Heal program was designed to provide services that support individuals as they grieve.  In conjunction with Koch Funeral Home, this program is offered by Jackie Naginey Hook, M.A., a certified spiritual director, celebrant, and end-of-life doula.  

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What is a certified spiritual director and celebrant?

A certified spiritual director is a companion who is trained to listen deeply and attentively to your story and offer new perspectives to your experiences.  Spiritual direction provides a hope-filled place where you are supported to make your own decisions and choices as you open to new insights and inspiration.  Jackie is not a therapist, but instead someone to help you look at things from that place of meaning and purpose.  Spiritual direction is a relationship more than a program or a method.

A certified celebrant is someone trained to create and officiate at personalized and meaningful ceremonies.  Jackie can work with you to create a unique service that reflects your loved one’s background and values – both religious and non-religious. A celebrant service celebrates a life, honors a death and supports the bereaved.

As a spiritual director and celebrant, Jackie can companion you on your grief journey and help you create an experience that helps you both honor your loved one and start to heal.

What is an end-of-life doula?

An end-of-life doula is a companion to a dying person and their loved ones. This work is about bringing deep meaning and sacredness to dying. This is done through: encouraging life review and legacy work; creating a plan for the final days; offering respite for the primary caregivers; providing opportunities for processing some of the experiences; and, supporting the early grief journey.  

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 4-3-2-1-! On Hope, Healing and Wholeness

Jackie has companioned many people on their grief journeys and noticed different practices, skills, intentions, postures and rituals that bring comfort.  Just as nurturing our bodies is important to help us heal from a physical wound, it is important to nurture ourselves when we've been wounded by a loss, you may not notice immediate benefits from these activities, but in time, the hope is you will notice that you're healing from the inside out. Read More>>>

There is no moment more sacred than when a person touches another person’s broken and trembling heart. 

                                                                                                                                                                   ~Doug Manning 

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To learn more about our Helping Grieving Hearts Heal program, contact Jackie Naginey Hook for a consultation by completing the form below. 

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